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Nodular acne is a very serious and painful form of acne that has shown to benefit from treatment with Accutane. Accutane is a prescription medication and is only available from a doctor, usually a dermatologist. It is related chemically to Vitamin A and in most cases can completely eliminate the acne permanently with just a single course of treatment. This is important to those suffering from nodular acne because it tends to not respond to any other treatment, not even very strong antibiotics. Large, solid lesions, known as nodules, form underneath the skin and can be quite unsightly as well as extremely painful. Accutane cannot clear the acne up overnight, but rather must be taken for approximately four months with results starting to show up after about two months. How Accutane works is not known exactly but in almost all cases the acne is cleared up completely and never returns. In the rare cases where one course of treatment does not bring satisfactory results a second course of treatment may be administered to achieve the desired outcome.

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The benefits provided by Accutane go far beyond just clearing up the physical symptoms of painful lesions and skin appearance. The disruptive appearance can cause many psychological problems due to insecurity and a lowering of self esteem especially in younger people who also happen to be the most likely to suffer from acne in the first place. This lowered self confidence can make being around other people and making friends difficult, even impossible for some, and lead to feelings of isolation and eventually even to depression. Accutane, by healing the physical symptoms of acne and providing a return to an appearance acceptable to the individual, can also bring about a psychological healing resulting in improved self confidence and the removal of the feelings of insecurity.
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